Virtual PBX

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I am looking for a virtual PBX system that is not tied to VOIP but can
forward calls to VOIP, a landline/mobile, or just take a voice mail.  Key

* Need to be able to build a fairly complex voice mail menu

* Need integration with Windows desktop and Android and IOS, so someone can
receive notifications of new voice mails.

* Would ideally like to be able to listen to voice mails from the same app
that notifies you of their presence, without having to go look at sound file
in email or without having to dial into the PBX to retrieve.

* For a given person who has a mailbox, she should be able to turn on
forwarding to her desk/cell phone instantly from the app, without having to
login to a user interface and make a lot of configuration changes.   A
salesperson for example might sit down after a meeting and turn on
forwarding for three hours, and then when they leave the station they want
to instantly turn off forwarding so everything goes to voice mail.

* Proprietary VOIP phones should be an optional accessory, not required to
operate the system.


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