Verizon Surprises Wall Street With Newcomer CEO Pick [telecom]

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By AARON PRESSMAN June 11, 2018

Verizon surprised Wall Street with the selection of former Ericsson
CEO Hans Vestberg as its next leader, pointing to a future still
focused on communications networks. While Verizon rival AT&T is
seeking to build a media and entertainment empire, Verizon's strategy
looks likely to hew more closely to its roots as a dominant telecom

Lowell McAdam, Verizon's current CEO, announced on Friday that
Vestberg, who had joined the company only a year ago, would take over
the top job on Aug. 1, seven years after McAdam himself got the
role. The other main contender for the CEO job, executive vice
president and 25-year company veteran John Stratton, is retiring, the
company said.

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