The Supreme Court will hear an iOS App Store antitrust lawsuit [telecom]

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By Adi Robertson

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Apple's appeal in an antitrust
lawsuit over the App Store's structure and fees. Reuters reported the
news this morning, and it marks a major step for the case, which has
been running since 2011. Bloomberg writes that the court will hear
arguments within a nine-month window that starts in October.

The case, Apple v. Pepper, argues that Apple's App Store monopolizes
the distribution of iOS apps since the store is the only officially
approved way to download an iPhone or iPad app, and Apple charges
developers a significant 30 percent fee. Its plaintiffs are seeking
class action status for the lawsuit, saying that this fee has driven
up the costs of apps for consumers. A lower court determined that they
had no grounds to sue, but a judge overturned that decision, and the
Supreme Court began seeking advice on the case late last year. Now,
the court is officially taking it up.

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