T-Mobile enemy Dish could help save the T-Mobile/Sprint merger [telecom]

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Dish could resell T-Mobile/Sprint network access in deal to save merger.

By Jon Brodkin

T-Mobile US and Sprint are reportedly near a deal to sell spectrum,
wholesale network access, and Sprint's Boost Mobile subsidiary to Dish
as part of an attempt to gain government approval of their merger. But
US antitrust officials reportedly want bigger concessions before
they'll approve the T-Mobile/Sprint combination.

T-Mobile's purchase of Sprint would leave the US with three instead of
the current four major wireless carriers. The Department of Justice,
which could sue to block the deal, has apparently pushed T-Mobile to
make divestitures that would set up a fourth major carrier to replace
Sprint. That has left T-Mobile negotiating with Dish, which opposed
the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. The companies' feud is a two-way street,
with T-Mobile repeatedly criticizing Dish for buying spectrum and not
using it.


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