AT&T's Good News Comes With A Hidden Disconcerting Admission [telecom]

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By Max Greve


* Approval of DOJ Anti-Trust division chief removes the Senate's
  leverage over the deal.

* Brazilian objections will not derail it, as AT&T can simply divest
  those assets if absolutely necessary.

* However, their willingness to do so signifies some more concerning
  things about the company's previous merger, with DIRECTV.

* Despite the merger's prospects, I do not recommend going long AT&T.

I have long been somewhat more skeptical of the prospects for the
merger between AT&T and TimeWarner than most. Though my skepticism
started to ease when the FCC removed itself from the review process
earlier this year, I still argued that there was "a non-negligible
chance it is blocked."

Bill Horne
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Bill Horne

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