JBL DSW_1200 Subwoofer for sale

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Selling my JBL DSW-1200 subwoofer. 120 watt high current, low distortion
built-in amp. Can run this either from a subwoofer out jack on your home
theater receiver, or straight from your existing speaker outputs on any
receiver. Has adjustable volume and crossover controls. Black grill on black
woodgrain finish. Very good shape in cabintry. Have used this for home
theater use for ther past year, have been only owner and treat it well.12"
JBl driver, with port. It is front firing. Only thing missing is the cheap
JBL logo that was on front, I took that off. Comes with manual, and I'll
charge actual shipping cost to your zip. This is a real nice sub for the
money, plays deep into the 25 hz region without a problem. It has a auto on
circuitry so you neednt worrry about turning it on or off, as it'll do it
for you. Give me your thoughts

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