Newbie Question about CCNA

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It is my understanding the CCNA exam can be taken as one test (640-801) or
as two tests (640-811, 640-821)

I am intending on just taking the one test, what is the experience of this
group, regarding this plan of attack?

Also, I have the McGraw Hill Book CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
Study Guide
(ISBN 0-07-222934-9) and I have lost the CD that came with it.  Does anyone
have a copy of this CD that I can borrow?  I called Osborne Books and they
do not sell the CD by itself, and I called Boson and was told they don't
sell it either.



Re: Newbie Question about CCNA

The sum of stuff you have to know for the two exams is greater than
that of the single exam, but you don't need to know it all at once.

I did just the one, but only you know your capabilities. Get the Cisco
Press preparation guides and see how you go. If half way through you
throw up your hands in despair and scream "THIS IS TOO MUCH!!", then go
for the two exam approach.


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