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Measure DSL speed?
Hello All, I have a question about how download DSL speed is measured. Previously I had 1.5Mb DSL service. When I went to a site such as SpeakEasy to measure my d/l speed, it would show approximately...
13 years ago 6
mainstreet xpress 27020
Hi, I've got a free newbridge mainstreet xpress 27020 but without a manual. Curious as I was I wanted to take a look at what it can do but I can't get access to the box. Is there somebody that has a...
17 years ago 1
Where's the "Far End" of a DSL circuit?
My Actiontec GT701 is a bit short on diagnostic and error reporting, but when I looked at it this AM, I see the error counters are astronomical, and one of them is climbing rapidly during a file...
16 years ago 6
PPPoE and non-ethernet modems
looking at says "The DSL-200 supports Static IP, Dynamic IP, as well as PPPoE/PPPoA and Bridge connections terminating on the local PCs." Firstly, don't modems just convert digital to analogue and...
17 years ago 3