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Alvarion, Motorola Canopy, Trango, Tranzeo, Cisco, Software help, Hardware help, Antenna Help, Router and Switching help. Please signup and register. Thank You.

EZLinx.net 1-866-439-5469, specializes in the repairs and sales of Alvarion, Motorola Canopy, Tranzeo, Trango and other wireless equipment. We think the following information will be helpful to you.

Alvarion Sales: We specialize in wireless equipment such as: Alvarion, Breezecom, Breezenet, BreezeAccess, Tranzeo, Trango, Canopy, & other wireless brands. We have an extensive inventory for sale; please feel free to contact us if interested.

Alvarion Repair Services: We'll repair your broken equipment; you choose your payment option: ($75.00) repair fee - ideal for one or two pieces of equipment.

  • Ship us your units. We will repair as many as we can and ship you back one half all repaired units and all the units we were unable to repair. Turn your dead assets into working assets for nothing more than shipping costs!

Consignment Sales: Don't have an outlet to sell equipment you don't need or use? With our growing reputation we can sell your equipment for you in a quick time period.

For repair items such as Motorola Canopy, Trango, Tranzeo please contact us for a quote.

We also purchase working and non-working units if you have access to inventory please contact us at: 1-866-439-5469 or email us at: snipped-for-privacy@ezlinx.net

Also be sure to check out our online store at ': Wireless Units'

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for Alvarion, and other wireless brands equipment.

Thank You, EZLinx.net


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