Selling services that are free

Puzzled as to why a major provider would keep two open routers, major brands, allowing anyone to configure and connect while they are selling the same, but faster services in the same city. This appears to be a mesh network? Is this common?

They run at about 3MB but throttle down to very low download speeds during certain scheduled hours, while their upload speeds remain fairly constant.

Not a complaint, it's FREE and allows me to experiment :-)

(apologies for any repetitions of this post, it's a reliability thing)

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Are these city-wide routers, or did someone buy ISP server and leave their router configured without any authentication?

In other words, what makes you think it's the major provider doing this?

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DevilsPGD wrote in news:

He said it was a "mesh" network, that probably means a major comm operator. Doing a traceroute is a good indication.

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