Providing free wireless in apartment building

I want to provide free wireless internet access in my apartment building.

It has three floors of apartments, six apartments on each floor. I assume that two access points per floor should do the trick. But I'm curious about the proper hardware for this.

Since this is a public accommodation, I'll need client isolation and maybe some kind of authentication if the signal goes outside the building.

One setup I've found is the D-Link combination of DWL-8220 Wireless Switch Dualband Access Points managed by the DWS-1008 wireless LAN switch. This provides a command-line interface for configuration, which I can handle. But I'd prefer something web-based just for ease of use.

Does anyone have any experience to share about any of this, or other suggestions?


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This is something that really ought to be done with a commerical-grade setup.

I'd recommend the Colubris 5100 with MAP-330's.

Give me a call, and I'll be happy to discuss exact details of the product's features, functionality, and configuration.

Thanks Chris

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