NEWS: Half of Wi-Fi hotspot money is wasted

Wireless hotspot usage is climbing, but more than half of the money
spent on ad-hoc hotspot access is wasted, according to a survey by
Wi-Fi roaming company Trustive.
The company said its research showed that half of the users surveyed
were connected for 30 minutes or less per session, and more than a
quarter of sessions were 15 minutes or under. With most hotspots
charging by the hour, "basically you're wasting half your money",
said Trustive co-founder and managing director Bram Jan Streefland.
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Streefland said the problem is even more acute for businesses,
because most hotspots require payment by credit card, which means the
IT manager has no control over expenditure as the user simply pays it
themselves and then charges it as expenses.
The answer, he claimed, is to use an aggregator - such as Trustive,
Boingo, or iPass - which not only lets you roam across hotspot
networks, but which charges by the minute or second, so you don't pay
for unused time.
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John Navas
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Interesting! If *I* were an IT manager, I would *never* pay for hotspot access for any employee; there are other alternatives for remote access for which IT can account for the business-related time. Let the hotspots suck $$ from Starbucks and Panera customers.
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Panera's (at least as of about 20 minutes ago) is free.
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Kurt Ullman
That is what I was thinking. The "IT" manager must have been trained by best buy to be so clueless. A knowledgeable IT manager would deploy something much more standardized and not have employees sitting at hotspots paying by the hour to do business.
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