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how to edit wikipedia through vpn
wikipedia is blocked in my country. i can read wikipedia through a vpn but i can't edit it. is there any way to edit wikipedia if it is blocked (other than asking wikipedia to give me permission).
Live FortiGate II Training and Certification Courses Online
The FortiGate II course combines instructor-led training and interactive la bs to build a working knowledge of advanced FortiGate networking and securi ty features. This course follows the FortiGate I...
How do you tell what kind of VPN when you're in a VPN session?
Maybe this is an obvious question, but how do you tell what kind of VPN you're running when you're in the middle of a VPN session? Here's all I did to run a vpn session: 1. Install openvpn ($ sudo...
Why can't a VPN ovpn file set everything that needs to be set?
Why can't a VPN ovpn file set everything that needs to be set? What do I need to do to get a simple ovpn file to set up a vpn in NetworkManager in a single file load, including the connection type, ca...
Free VPN Accounts
Don't know if you lot knew SecureIX but they used to provide free VPN at 256KB/s well I found this site they provide free VPN accounts as well I thought might as well share it with ppl
SSG-5 VPN Status Display in WUI
I'm working on a site-to-site VPN with an SSG-5 (for the first time with this product line). I have a VPN set up with an RV042. The RV042 says the VPN is "connected". I'm wondering how the SSG-5...
VPN between 192.168.x.y
If one network at home is (home gateway) and the other device is (work) Will the home network have to change to the same subnet? No, You want different subnets at each end....
RVS4000 QuickVPN setup
Dear All, We have a Linksys RVS4000 VPN router running on our system. We have an AT&T radio modem with associated phone system. We're using a dyndns account as we have a dynamic IP from AT&T, for...
Is DCOM over VPN possible?
hello, Is DCOM over VPN possible? I tried IPSEC , PPTP. It look that only overr an internal network DCOM is working fine. tnx frank Hello Frank, You can route any thing over IPSEC as far as it is...