WTS: Lucent 2T1/2E1 H.323 Gateways from $1750

The Lucent Max 6000 is a compact VOIP solution supporting low and medium complexity codecs. With the lowest cost-per-port among mainstream VOIP gear manufacturers, the 6000 compares favorably and far less expensively to the Cisco AS5350, and is compatible for use in Cisco VOIP networks. It supports H.323, G.711, G.723, G.729, and other standards, as well as QOS RFC 2474 and RFC

791/1349. Like the AS5350, it is a universal port (voice/data) DSP unit, and supports V92, V90, v34, etc, in addition to VOIP. These are fully provisioned Max 6000s in excellent condition with voice and data signaling options enabled, including ISDN, and ISDN/R2 for international signaling. Like all Lucent servers, it is exceptionally easy to configure with its menu-based TAOS operating system. The unit includes chassis with AC power, PCMCIA flashcard with TAOS 10, 10/100 ethernet port, console port, E1/T1 ingress PRIs, and a 60m-dsp universal data/voice port card. 90 day warranty.

T1/48-VOIP Max 6000 Bundle - $1750 E1/60-VOIP Max 6000 Bundle - $2250

In stock and ready to ship.


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We want to setup a call centre in Pakistan. 16-20 seats how can you help us in this regard.

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