Sunrocket Service Review and Code for FREE phones 3035520408

I have had Sunrocket for 3 months and it's been great! I save a bunch of money every month and have had no problems with voice quality etc. I have had no outages and the Customer service has been excellent as well.

The referral program and the signature number are 2 additional things that set this service apart from Vonage and some of the other residential VoIP vendors.

The FREE phones received when starting up are also great phones that work well with great range and features.

Use this code for signing up 3035520408 and you will also recive the phones!!

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That's a good review of SunRocket. The referral program is really neat to, in that it's different than a lot of the other ones out there. I've been very happy with SunRocket and encourage people to look into them becuase it really is risk free with no activation or cancellation fees.

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