SunRocket Promo Code

Sunrocket Promo code: 6038560423 for free shipping

Sunrocket Promo code: 6038560423 for free shipping and two free cordless phones

SunRocket Signature Service - Annual Edition

12 Months of Service for $199 per year (That's just $17 a month!) Unlimited calling - U.S. and Canada Free international minutes ($3.00 allowance every month) Free extra phone number Over 10 enhanced calling features Two free Directory Assistance calls each month All the necessary equipment to get started No charge to activate - includes free shipping Taxes included in the Bottom-Line price℠ PLUS, your will receive a free Uniden Cordless Phone System that includes two handsets!

go to and enter 6038560423 in promo code and get 2 free cordless phone and free shipping, 30 days free trial, no contract, no catch, cancel any time.

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1(603)856-0423 also looks like your SunRocket phone number so people can call you directly and complain about your newsgroup spamming. Everyone already knows that this isn't a "special promo code", it's your number, so you get referral kickbacks. You could at least be honest with people or better yet not spam this to the group to begin with.
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