MediaCore Softswitch: Now with GSM FullRate Codec Support

Speedflow Communications has announced the new release of the carrier- grade class 4 MediaCore Softswitch v. 2.20. MediaCore Softswitch is a proprietary Linux-based solution with dynamic routing mechanism, integrated advanced billing tools, revenue assurance system =93Guardian=94, native protocol & codec converter.=A0

Among the modifications in the 2.20 version the most important are:=A0 GSM FullRate codec support;=A0 routing optimization;=A0 origination call time limit;=A0 transcoding;=A0 H.323 optimization. =A0

Also there are web-interface modifications such as:=A0 new filtering options in Incoming/Outgoing calls;=A0 new CDR generation tool;=A0 invoice customization;=A0 new fields in Active calls;=A0 customization of e-mail notification sending;=A0 reports exporting to Excel, etc.=A0

Speedflow offers all the updates for MediaCore Softswitch for all its clients absolutely free of charge. The process takes about 20 minutes with the calls proceeding during this time.=A0 MediaCore Softswitch is available for RENT and PURCHASE. Speedflow Communications offers FREE TRIAL PERIOD before buying MediaCore Softswitch. Speedflow guarantees regular free updates and 24/7 technical support.

Speedflow Communications has focused on delivering quality services and products to the VoIP market since its inception in 2004. Our success in this field has resulted in an opportunity to service over

600 reliable customers varying from Tier-1 national and global carriers to ISPs, Corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers. Speedflow presents exceptional range of Carrier-grade products and solutions. Single Point of Control solutions from Speedflow include: MediaCore (Class 4 softswitch with Billing, Transcoding and Revenue Assurance system), CallMax (Class 5 softswitch with billing). Each of these VoIP software products will make your management extremely efficient and your business become more profitable with less effort from your side.

For additional information, please, contact our software sales department at +442030 265 765 or via e-mail:=

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