End of the world streamed live?

I think the REAL reason Putin wants to block Twitter, Facebook, and
other social media in Russia is so that people cannot stream it live
when the missiles go up if the Ukraine situation comes to nuclear war,
where the public would see it before the US saw it.
Such filtering can be circumvented in a way that cannot be detected or
When one Taco Bell used to block all VPNs, I got into my private VPN in
a way that cannot be blocked or detected
I would first log on to the SSL proxy on my machine, then connect to my
main VPN using the internal address on my network, instead of public IP
address, and Taco Bell's firewall let me connect
This method could be used to access, say, Facebook, and the Russian
government will never detect it.
This method of bypassing firewalls and filters cannot be detected or
When I used the internal address of after connecting to my
network, Taco Bell would NEVER have detected that.
I used to run a VPN service that offered that. Someone could log in on
the SSL proxy on port 443, and then connect to the main VPN on my
machine, using and it would totally bypass firewalls, which
is why I was popular with "office drones". I provided a way to bypass
the firewall which could NEVER be detected and NEVER be blocked. That
SSL to VPN trick was 100 percent UNDETECTABLE.
A network admin's WORST NIGHTMARE.
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