Hi-can anyone tell me if my understanding of this is correct? if a subnet is unknown in a network using classful addressing scheme-the packet is discarded- whereas with classless the packet is forwarded,regardless of whether it is a known subnet? All cisco routers are default classless? thanks alot

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greg johnstone
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No, the packet will still be dropped, unless a default route is configured on the router; in which case the packet will be forwarded out on that route.

Well, this is configurable in any event.


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Aubrey Adams

Thanks Aubrey, do you know if there are many questions on this in the CCNA exam? Cheers

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greg johnstone

You can be sure that there will be questions on classless and non-classless (classful) addressing and routing, and on default routing in the CCNA exam.

However, the number and context will vary. And well I'm reasonably sure that a question asking for a "definition" of classful/classless router operation proabably will not be asked, there will be than one question covering the areas of troubleshooting and router configuration.

This means you need to know how to *apply* this knowledge in particular circumstances.

EG Determine the fixed or variable mask to optimise a given addressing scenario. Configure interfaces to implement a given addressing scenario Configure routing protocols to implement a given classless or classful addressing scenario Configure static and default routing to implement a given classless or classful addressing scenario Given the output from particular show or debug commands troubleshoot and correct a given classless or classful addressing scenario

cheers Aubrey

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