I just knocked out the BSCI 642-901 and am now wondering if I'm heading towards a CCNP 'by habbit'. Looking at the CCIP exams... MPLS, BGP, QoS... those sound more.... "fun" (for lack of a better word).

I know most people go NP before heading down the IP path.. but is there any real reason for this?

I've got a couple days before I buy the next book so any advice is greatly appreciated.


Cheers, Jeff

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CCIP is oriented towards telco / ISP style protocols - so depends where you expect to work.

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Hi, I did CCIP and did not regret it. O.k. - I work for a telco, there CCIP definitely fits better than the CCNP.... and in todays world where MPLS and BGP get also more important for enterprise networks, it´s not a bad choice.

There´s only one backdraft: CCNP is well-known amongst HR-managers and people like that, CCIP not. So if you´re looking for a new job, you should consider that.

Cheers Axel

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Axel Gärtner

Thanks Axel and all. I ended up deciding on CCNP first for two reasons.

A) As someone mentioned, CCNP is more common and HR types know it. B) I already had the Switching books (Study Guide and Exam Guide) C) CCNP's third exam covers security and my resume lacks any security experience.

I've always worked in ISPs (Erols, UUNet, WorldCom, MCI, Comindico and Verizon) and I know the CCIP is where I want to end up. It was a tough call but for the reasons listed above I thought it best to continue down the path most traveled.

Thanks again to all that offered advice.

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.... and I see my mistake... A, B & C are more than two reasons... no need to flame me. :-)

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