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DNS question, canonical name
Why is the canonical name/CNAME I think that is the "A" record. points to it, not the other way around. Could someone help me wrap my head around this? If there was no CNAME, then we would just have...
6 years ago
Cisco IOS Simulator and CCNA Labs - for Android
There is a new Cisco simulator app for Android. It includes 14 labs (almost 50 sub-labs) designed to help you practice for the CCNA Routing & Switchin g exams (CCENT/ICND1 and ICND2). Interact with...
8 years ago 1
iPhone apps - Cisco CME Config Generator
iPhone apps - Cisco CME Config Generator An iPhone apps that allow you to generate Cisco CME router config without need to know a single line of CLI command!! Now on iTunes apps store!
10 years ago
How long should I study for CCNA?
My classes end next week. How long should I plan to study for the CCNA? 2 weeks? A month? I would think you would be taking it now! The whole point behind the class is to prep you for the test. I...
13 years ago 6
QoS: How to classify RDP traffic?
Hi All, I am trying to classify RDP traffic to mark it with a DSCP value but I can't seem to get my ACL to pick it up. The router is a Cisco 877 and I can't see an RDP option using NBAR either. I have...
13 years ago 1
what is unicast address
the choices below, which address represents a unicast address? A. B. FFFF. FFFF. FFFF. C. D. E. I know the right answer is 'E',while I want...
14 years ago 3
31 days before your ccna exam in PDF format
Does anyone have a copy in pdf or mp3 format....Am willing to pay, I just learn better when I read and listen together.... jc Check this link-but be careful some of the questions are incorrect :(
15 years ago 1
Congrats to our 4 CCIE VOICE graduate within last 30 days.
Our new CCIE VOICE certified graduate. Congratulation to Berhane Mussie CCIE Voice # 17531 Congratulation to Sarwat Siddique CCIE VOICE # 12789 Congratulation to Steve Lim CCIE VOICE# 7005....
15 years ago 1
RARP vs inverse ARP
"Reverse" is going back, whereas " inverse" is turning it upside down, right? Anyone can explain to me the difference between "RARP" and " inverse ARP" in plain English, please? Much appreciated! new...
15 years ago 4
IPv6 Header 64 bit aligned
Trying to understand this ..when I look at the IPv6 header format, it is 32 bit long, but then it was described as 64 bit aligned. What does 64 bit aligned mean? It means that every field in the...
15 years ago 2
cisco gear used eastern canada supplier?/comments
Hi. I'm considering buying some used cisco equipment so that I can practice for my CCNA certifiction. Thus far, I've been unable to locate anyone selling used gear here in Halifax NS. Is anyone aware...
16 years ago
QoS on 3500xl and 3560 switches
There are lots of ways to implement QoS. If you just want something quick and dirty, lookup "AutoQoS" on If you want to do it properly, you'll need a lot more information. I am running VoIP on a corp...
16 years ago 2
show isdn active
I'm looking for a bit of information on "show isdn active." I'm running with multiple T1 PRI interfaces with about 10-15 calls up at a time. This command doesn't seem to be showing all calls. Is there...
16 years ago 1
Download Free Study Material for CCNA & MCSE
Best site for CCNA & MCSE Material Tips...
12 years ago
CCNP Recertification by passing a 642 exam
My CCNP expires in October, since then I have completed several 642 professional level exams in order to complete my CCSP, one of them after 1/1/2006. Cisco's site says that I will recertify my CCNP...
14 years ago 2
CCIE Stuff For Sale
CCIE Real Labs: These labs are real CCIE labs which you will see in the CCIE lab exam. Real CCIE Labs with solution for Cisco R&S Lab exam = $599 6 Real Labs(2006) + 3 NEW Real Labs(2007), Updated...
15 years ago
Check my subnetting?
The problem: You have a IP of You need 4 Subnets I say Mask with I say there will be 62 hosts per subnet Nets are:
15 years ago 13
playing (badly) with frame-relay
Have two routers back to back with a dce/dte cable; they communicate fine with just RIP. I've started to play with WAN protocols, beginning with frame relay, based on the Cisco article "back to back...
15 years ago 3
ISL and 802.1q difference?
Hello-I am just finishing off chapter on Trunking and wondered what the difference was between the 2 encapsulations-in the book I am reading it says that dot1q uses frame tagging-whereas ISL...
15 years ago 12
Cisco PIX pdm location
Hi Could you tell me what exactly mean "pdm location" in Cisco PIX config file. For example: [...] pdm location inside pdm location outside pdm location...
15 years ago 4