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Hello everybody ... i don't know if it is a really problem but i post my question :

I Have a CISCO 3640. On an Ethernet interface i have a simply hub connected and other routers connected on this switch on the same VLAN (everybody see everybody ).

If i Sniff on the lan, my main router sends ARP broadcasts and demand for each IP address of my network .. I dont' have any soft behind this router who polls the lan .. this ARP requests seems to be produced only by the router .. so .. my other routers are behind low rate links and this ARP fllood takes me so much bandwitch ...

Can anybody explain me if it's normal that my router polls my entire LAN flooding me with ARP requests ??

Thnk you for your responses .. I Hope my english is correct .. Diego - Marseille -France

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You most likely have some data flows passing through the router otherwise you wouldn't need it. ARP broadcasts are a necessary part of session establishment, but continuous broadcasting is unusual. You should check your ARP cache on the router to make sure there is some caching occuring there (SHOW ARP). There are also some capabilities you can hurt yourself on the router interface if used inappropriately.

Now I have a question for you since you are from Marseille, France. I have an small office in that city and France Telcom is not being helpful in providing a DSL service that allows for at least one static IP address. Do you know of any services that France Telcom offers of this nature?


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