40 too old for IT ?

Hi guys,

I need your opinion about starting a career in IT at 40. I have CCNA and a degree in telecommunications engineering 3-class grad in 2000. I have 4 years experience in telecommunications installations mainly cabling (BT and Marconi). That's about it. Currently I work for a small firm as CATV/broadband installer. I registed with some IT agencies but so far haven't got a single interview. Is it my age? And if it is will CCNP make any difference.

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. You're never too old , your resume may be the problem, etc... you may want to consider CCNP to further enhance your skillset ..

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I personally doesn't consider hiring people by their age.

In your case, it depends on how hard your effort to get in the IT world.

CCNP might help a bit. but as Canuck said, you might want to rewrite your resume.

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During 7 years of working in IT industry I encountered many very successful people in the over-40 age group. In some ways older people may be seen as preferable as they are more experienced, more reliable, and more able to work independently. And they are less likely to be job-hoppers.

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