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UK Mobile Broadband Proxies
Check it out here: Skype: live:admin_178288 Thank you for your interest in Mobile Proxies. Mobile proxies are based on the latest generation of 4G LTE technology and are used by cellular devices . As...
3 years ago
Re: Over 135 million modems vulnerable to denial-of-service flaw
That zdnet article is erroneous and inaccurate. Resetting those cable modems does nothing but cause them to reboot and reload a config file. BUT, an attacker has to be ON a PRIVATE RFC 1918 network,...
6 years ago 3
sub-OPTIMUM off-line SUCKS!
Perhaps, a little public knowlegde of this shite service will get me some results. For almost 2 years, I have been complaining to sub-OPTIMUM off-line about both my residential and business services...
7 years ago
About cable modem firmware updates
Just learned today that I am not allowed to update my cable modem's firmware. Also, I have no say in whether or not my ISP updates that firmware! "It's the standard." "It's common industry practice."...
7 years ago 3
Comcast Speed Tests
Someone posted this a while ago ... I don't think it's any better, or more, or less accurate than ... Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive...
13 years ago 13
Reference designs for Broadcom cable modem chipsets
Reference designs for certain Broadcom cable modem chipsets can be found at ... documents include schematics, internal & external photos, block diagrams, user manuals, operational descriptions....
13 years ago
Speed Test Results Analysis
When I test two different computers connected to the same cable modem through the same router, I get significant variances between the two conputers: Desktop Computer: Avg Down Speed = 2900 kb/s, Avg...
14 years ago 5
Com21 Firmware
Does anyone have the firmware for the DP1110( and DP1110XB ( I have a copy of it but it appears to be corupt and the cable modems won't take the download. I have about...
16 years ago
Comcast issue
Hi, I do computer work out of my home. Recently any new computers added to the network (primarily done for patching Windows re-installs) cannot utilize Comcast; I only get a "Welcome to Comcast...
16 years ago 5
Cable Modem Sleep/Standby Power Requirements
I'm trying to find some information about sleep/standby modes of ANY cable modems (DOCSYS 1.1 at least). I'd like to set up a system that has a minimum of power consumption. From what I've been able...
17 years ago 9
Best Cable Modem Wireless Router Unit?
I am looking to buy a cable modem wireless router combo unit. After some research, I think I am looking at the Motorola SBG900. (I believe that there is actually a newer unit called SBG940 but it...
17 years ago 7
Strange error in SB4200 logs
Hello I've cloned my Motorola SB4100 (changed Serial and MACs) on SB4200 but it doesn't work. It stops at: Transfer Operational Parameters through TFTP : In progress and HFC IP Address:
17 years ago
download speeds
The 1MB (downstream) connection speed is in bits, whereas actual download speed of (downloading files, for example) is shown in bytes. Thus, your download should be about 1/8th your connection speed....
17 years ago 1
Linksys WRT54G ver. 1.1 Firmware upgrade
My WRT54G ver. 1.1 currently has Firmware Version 2.02.2, which seems to be the latest officially recommended. Can I use 2.02.7 or 3.01.3? What pluses or minuses? Perce
17 years ago
App to monitor and log cable modem signal level?
Hi folks- In dealing with Comcast during periodic cable problems, I'd like to be able to present them with a log of the received signal strength and upstream power level, collected over large periods...
17 years ago 16
Any way to force cable modem to get a new IP address?
If you are behind a router simply spoof the MAC address of the router and then do a DHCP release/renew on thr router. That should work. If not that then swap out you NIC in your computer and do a DHCP...
17 years ago 10
Modem Keeps Dropping Signal
Chances are it was not provisioned properly. Could be the mac address was input wrong. Try giving service a call again and have them double check it. SNR a little low, but still should work. Check all...
16 years ago 11
REG-RSP Msg was not received (TIME OUT)
Got an "REG-RSP Msg was not received (TIME OUT)" when testing my SB4100 at (having very slow speed and connection problems). Simple fix as it was a loose connection at the...
16 years ago