Just setup my personal HA/HT blog

If anyone is interested, I started a blog on my personal HA/HT efforts at

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. I've also got the personal website in my sig below, but there's no running commentary there.

It talks about how i'm turning my home into a smarthome using a DoItYourself approach to keep the costs shockingly low, and to keep the functionality shockingly high. With my HT/HAPC system, I can do:

- Whole House Audio/Video distribution [any song or any tv show or any DVD in any room at any time]

- Irrigation Control

- Heating

- Doorbell detection (pause the TV/DVD/music if the doorbell rings and popup a "doorbell ringing" window, in case you didn't hear it)

- Telephone detection (if the phone rings, same as above)

- Beginning to integrate Security & Fire/Smoke/CO detection into the system.

----------------------------------------------------- Note: I am a mere end-user with no financial stake in any products that I may discuss.

Last Updated 4/11/06 - My Personal Websites discussing my integrated HT & HAPC system

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