Wil I gain anything by tweaking my DSL connection?

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I've got what's supposed to be the 768kbps download speed with Embarq.
I've read where it's supposedly possible to tweak your DSL connection.
I've looked at this Navas guide but before I go tinkering with things,
wonder if it's likely I'm going to see any improvement. To be honest,
I don't even find the registry value the Navas guide refers to.
Running Win XP home.

I've looked at various speed test sites, the number vary a bit but
they seem to come fairly close to what I believe I'm supposed to be

When I download a file off YouTube using Vdownloader, the rate is
around 93kb/s. Does that sound about right for my bargain DSL?  I
assume one is kilobits and one is kilobytes?

Re: Wil I gain anything by tweaking my DSL connection?
Doc wrote:
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93 X 8 = 744 So, with rounding sounds exactly right.

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