Vonage and DSL on same phone line?

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I'm considering switching to Vonage, and I'm trying to think how best I
might install it.  I'd be getting DSL at the same time, and I was
wondering if it is possible to use the following setup.

basically, the dsl and vonage box are plugged into the same phone
filter.  The dsl would loop into the Vonage box, then back into the
same filter, thus the same phone jack.  I'm probably not making much
sense, but would this work?

Thanks ahead of time.

Re: Vonage and DSL on same phone line?

sm4christ@gmail.com writes:

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The Vonage box is just like router - in fact it is one plus it has
the phone stuff in it.  So you would plug it in to your dsl box and
then you could plug all your computer gear into the Vonage box too.
It has four ethernet ports for that sort of use.

That said, and speaking as a Vonage customer, you should use just
about ANYBODY _EXCEPT_ VONAGE.  Their service sucks, their web site
where you access voice mail is extrenmely slow (overloaded) most of
the time, notifications about new voice mail via email often arrive
late (if at all), sometimes their voice mail never even answers the
incoming call, etc, etc.  And their voice mail has almost nothing
to configue - look around and you'll see other companies with tons
of really useful features you can not have at Vonage.  Calling to
complain, if you get anyone with even half a brain on the other
end it's a miracle.  Et cetera.

I'd suggest http://www.voicepulse.com/ - I would have used them
except they don't accept an email address for the account name
(about the ONLY good thing I can say for Vonage).  I know people
who use them and they deliver much better service.

Billy Y..

Re: Vonage and DSL on same phone line?

Thanks, I'll look into that site.

Re: Vonage and DSL on same phone line?

abuse@MIX.COM schrieb:
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Maybe good but quite expensive.

Try voipbuster.com and affiliates.
All calls to the US are FREE !!!

But you have to buy in to their account with some amount of money.

Free trial calls are possible.


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