Verizon's DSL or not in my upcoming home area?

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Weird. Lately, Verizon's web site and its online chat said no DSL (and
FIOS) services in my new upcoming area lately. A few months ago, its DSL
service was available for lowly 1 Mb/sec speed. How come I can't get it?

Here's something weird. On the phone box, I see "DSL" on it. So, I can
get it or not? This is confusing. :(
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Re: Verizon's DSL or not in my upcoming home area?
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Updates: It was confirmed by a phone call this morning. No DSL and FIOS
for this house. Also, the previous house owner said he used to have slow
Verizon DSL and three phone landlines. I guess that is why it says "DSL"
on it. It is strange/odd that Verizon won't give us, the new home
owner/familay, DSL! :(
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