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I've recently had to move in with some family on a temporary basis.
They have DSL thru SBC and use an eMac. I have brought my XP Pro
machine over, along with a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

The instant I plug in the router, the DSL connection dies.  This is
causing me much frustration. Isn't IP IP, no matter the OS of the
machne that's hooked up to it?

So, here's my stupid question:  What do I need to do to use my router
and get my XP machine to co-exist with the Mac? Since this is a
temporary setup, I don't want to spend any more dough than I have to.

I'm expecting flames, but if someone can hold their venom long enough
to help me out here, I'd appreciate it.


Re: Stupid Macintosh question

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The problem could be a couple of things depending on the brand/model of DSL
modem in use.  Fixed IP or dynamic or other things.  What I would try first
would be to hook the router back up to the DSL modem, and power both off.
Then power on the DSL modem and wait for the lights to stabilize.  After
that power on the router and wait for those lights to become stable.  Last I
would reboot the computers.  If either of them work on the Internet then the
DSL box and router are setup right.  The non-working, if any, computer is
the one that needs the network interface adjusted.

I have run into SBC sites in my local area that are configured to speak to
only the MAC address that is registered with them.  In this case that would
be the Macintosh.  If that is the problem you need to clone the MAC address
into the router so that it matches the Macintosh network interface.

If the above did not get either computer working through the router then you
might want to hook the Macintosh directly to the DSL box again and then
check the network settings and see if it is setup to use PPPoE/PPPoA or just
plain Ethernet.  Some DSL modems have the PPPoE/PPPoA username and password
configured in them and then feed plain Ethernet to the computer while others
require that your computer make the PPP/DSL connection.

If the Macintosh computer is making the PPP/DSL connection then you will
need to program the router to work in place of it, including the username
and password currently in use for the DSL connection.  If you have to do
that then I expect the PC to start working and the Macintosh to quit while
hooked up to the router until you reconfigure the Macintosh to use a plain
Ethernet DHCP that the router will then be providing.

I'm sure others will have a different approach to the problem.  Theirs might
even be better, but it's worth a try.  Good luck.

Re: Stupid Macintosh question

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Which modem? (and if it's a 5100, how many lights total?)

Re: Stupid Macintosh question

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Your router isn't talking correctly to the modem. Check out the Internet
settings on the mac or SBC's web support site. Plus the modem may refuse
to talk to your router because the ethernet MAC address changed. You
likely have a setting in the router to allow it to clone the MAC address
of the Mac.

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Most flames I've seen are Win to Mac. :)

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