static on ATT uverse dsl landline

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I recently got ATT uverse dsl and kept my landline, also with
ATT. It worked fine and then static began to appear on the phone.
I have the filters installed correctly and have swapped filters
to check those. I have also tested  out another phone, with
no effect on the static.

Sometimes when I pick up the phone, there is a loud buzz on it,
but if I hang up and then call my phone with a cell phone
and answer it, the buzz disappears, but the static is there.

I'm going to either:

1. drop the landline and use a cell
2. test out vonage and drop the landline
3. change to uverse fiber optic phone

In the meantime, any sugggestions to clear up the static?
The internet modem works fine.
Also, before I had uverse, I had ATT 780kpbs low level dsl
and no static on the landline. Only after I upgraded with
the new uverse router did the static begin, and it developed
after a week or so.



Re: static on ATT uverse dsl landline

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Call AT&T Uverse technical repair and explain the problem. The individual
filters aren't always adequate. AT&T can install a whole house filter
in the grey box that serves as the network interface. Typical inside wire
is two pair. The first pair can be used for your ordinary telephones and
will be behind the filter. The second pair bypasses the filter. A jack with
the second pair (connected to the first pair prongs inside the jack) can
be installed near the DSL device.

Re: static on ATT uverse dsl landline
On Fri, 7 Sep 2012 19:59:45 -0700 (PDT),
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While they may be on the same copper pair, Uverse internet (and TV)
and analog voice services are managed and billed separately by ATT.  I
suggest you call the service number on your analog phone bill and
start a ticket for your problem.  Make sure ATT properly tests the
line and ensure they can test to see if it's your equipment or wiring
or in their system.  Your interface box should allow them to isolate
your inside wiring and equipment from their line.  If you pay for
inside wiring service, then they can fix that if that's the source.
Based on your post, it sounds like it's their issue, not yours.  You
could unplug all handsets and plug them in one at a time to see if any
is the source of the noise.

They may have put your analog voice phone on a different copper pair
when Uverse was installed and is the source of the noise.

Gary E

Re: static on ATT uverse dsl landline wrote:

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I see nothing on your list that includes complaining to the people who
provide your service.

You're paying for it, aren't you?

--    St. Paul, MN

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