SBC DSL Connection Problem and Solution

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Here is a message that I just sent to SBC Globalnet, recorded here for

Tonight, I reinstalled an image of my program drive, with all previous
software installed.  I had been able to install SBC Globalnet DSL
software on this image previously, and had successfully worked online
with that SBC installation.

After reinstalling the drive image, I tried once again to install the
SBC Globalnet software.  As before, it was a hassle.  I called tech
support and, as before, we went through a variety of steps.  Neither
the technician nor the senior technician were able to help me.  The
senior tech's conclusion was that I needed to replace my modem.

I continued tinkering.  I think rebooting was the crucial step, but I
am not sure.  Here are my notes, indicating most if not all of the
steps we tried:

Error:  SBC Yahoo! DSL Installer is unable to detect your modem.

Solution:  power cycle the modem:  unplug from power for 3-5 minutes.
Make sure all devices are OK in Device Manager.  Maybe disable
ZoneAlarm and Windows firewall.  In Device Manager / Network
Connections, uninstall the ASUSTek Broadcom network adapter and reboot.
 In Network Connections, repair the "Limited or no connectivity" Local
Area Connection item that comes up in place of the regular Broadcom
item.  Then reboot.  At some point in the process of fiddling around
with this, the activity light (fifth light) on the DSL modem will start
to blink.  That is the sign that you are on the way to having it all
work OK.

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Better solution is not to use SBC's software.  I've never used their
software and have never had the problems that a lot of people have with SBC

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