Re: PPPoE in DSL modem/router (novice question)

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You have something like this..

But I'm not sure its at the level you are looking for.

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No, nobody dwelves that deep into it any longer. 90% of the DSL router
is the same as any other router. Then you have 10% being the DSL chipset
in it, which won't get into any gory details unless you read the ADSL
tech specs.

Nobody could build their own DSL router from the ground up, there's not
much point to anyway.

You could dig around the OpenWRT project support for DSL routers, and
there you could probably find data sheets and source code for doing
various things.

You'll have hundreds of thousands of lines of code to support an OS
and router functions, which is one reason not many would dive into
such a thing..

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