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I'm thinking about getting FIOS and have a few questions:

I live in an apartment building, does the building have to be wired for FIOS
If it has to I assume they will put a FIOS box in my closet.

From the FIOS box to the computers is the (desired) wiring Cat5e or can it
be fiber?
Same question for TV service, from the FIOS box to the TVs is the (desired)
wiring coax, ethernet or fiber?

Anyone have any experience with how long it takes to have the service
activated & installed?

Is the computer setup the same as with DSL?    FIOS box -> router ->

Do I need my own router (what brand/type do you recommend) or is one
supplied by Verizon?

If Verizon supplies, do they provide me with user name & PW etc. so I can
configure it and set up port forwarding?


Per Jack B. Pollack:
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They asked me where I wanted mine and put it where I told them

Only problem was that I chose a poor location.   The box has a
little gel-cell battery in it that needs attention every couple
years and you want it someplace easily accessible.   Mine is in
the crawl space.  Yecccchh!.     It also needs AC power - so, in
an outage, if/when I am running a generator without a whole house
transfer switch, an extension cord has tb snaked in there.
Significant PITA.   I like the closet.

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Verizon supplied a router for me.  D-Link, wireless-capable.

They ran Cat 6 or whatever from the FIOS box to the place I chose
on the wall behind my workstation.

The router plugs into the outlet there.

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My recollection is that the router had a default PW and I changed
- although I didn't fool with anything else.


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Thanks for the info

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