Distance from CO?

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Is there anyplace left where I can check the distance in feet from a
customes home/business to the nearest CO?  www.dslreports.com has disabled
this and I have no idea where else to look.


Re: Distance from CO?
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Its probably disabled because they don't have the data necessary to
provide anything close to reality. The facilities based LECs have
deployed remote DSLAMs all over the place in hundreds of satellites in
each of the many hundreds of rate centers all over the country, and
you really need to know how far away you are from a remote DSLAM, not
the CO. Since the LECs don't publish that info (unlike where everybody
knows where the COs are), knowing the distance from the CO to you
tells you nothing.

The only way to really know what you can get is to talk to the LEC to
run you through their prequal system, which does take into account all
the remote equipment in the field, not just a pure CO to you distance
loop, but as I said, this info isn't public.

Re: Distance from CO?
Doug McIntyre wrote:
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Don't forget that if you're not an ATT customer (if you have DSL through
someone else) that even though they're the last mile provider, you're
gonna have to get that information from your provider, ATT won't even
talk to you.

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