Broadband in Lexington, KY

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I'm looking for suggestions for broadband internet in Lexington, KY.
- No long-term contract
- no excess download fees (speed throttling preferred)
- good service
- local or free call for tech support
- good price
- VoIP services
- multiple email addresses on the one account
- webspace

Thanks in advance.

Re: Broadband in Lexington, KY

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Check your local cable company's site (if you have cable service
available) for their options. For DSL, check your phone company and/or to see if it's even available.
Also see if any wireless services are available. Not just cell-phone
type wireless, but also some wireless services that use dedicated

Generically, cable is month-to-month, with special pricing usually paid
as a discount after the specified months of service. There are no
specified download limits, but they do tend to go after people after
some unspecified 'extreme abuse' limit. I've used my cable to work from
home, and accessed a computer using a remote-control utility for over a
year. I never heard anything about too much usage from that. Cable
companies have been known to block and shut down services such as file
servers, e-mail servers, VPN and similar unless you have a business
class account.

DSL often pushes the low-price but long-term-required accounts. They
often also offer month-to-month, but expect to pay $15-$20 more per
month. Terms of service may forbid servers and similar, but enforcement
seems to be rare if ever.

VOIP is mostly an issue of the quality of service, and if you have
enough speed (typically 90K of available bandwidth.)

Personally, I have both DSL and cable right now. During May, I had
SEVERE connection issues with Comcast. There were FOUR service calls,
and they acknowledged that there was probably a flakey piece of
equipment causing the problem, but it was intermittent and short-term,
so they couldn't find it. For the past 2-3 weeks, it's been fine. During
that time, since I work from home, I get DSL. Due to distance, I'm at a
slow 1500/384, but it does work and has been reliable. I now use that
for my VPN (I like giving the finger to at&t CEO Mr. "VOIP is theft of
my services, big users should pay more" Whitacre.)

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