2wire 1701HG off-line configuration

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I've been given an old 2wire 1701hg home gateway to play with
and thought I'd try to configure it as a backup to a Cayman
3546 which has been in continuous service since about 2004.

I've tried resetting it and connecting to one of the LAN ports,
successfully pinging and making the link lights
blink. However, pointing a browser at the address produces either
a "connection refused" page on a modern browser, or a blank page
on an old browser. I haven't connected the DSL port, as I don't
want to needlessly disrupt my DSL setup.  

All I wanted to do at this stage is look at the configuration
page for the 2wire to browse through the configuration and self
tests, to determine if it's usable. Online docs are sparse, does  
anyone know of a manual, or whether a live DSL connection is required
to check configuration?  

Thanks for reading,

bob prohaska

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