Zigbee detection?

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How can I detect Zigbee radios to determine if they are interfering with my
802.11 signal...

Zigbee radios are used to detect water leaks, termites or similar systems in
large buildings etc...

Is there a Linux/Win32 tool that can detect them? Do they sent packets like
802.11 does?



Re: Zigbee detection?

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Spectrum analyzer.  The problem is that Zigbee is frequency hopping
spread spectrum, which is not compatible with 802.11 direct sequence
spread spectrum.  Therefore, none off the common 802.11 tools will see
a Zigbee radio.

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Note that they're usually very low power.

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Zigbee is usually setup as a mesh networks.  They send and receive
lots of packets.  

Possible sources of 2.4GHz interference:

for the cheapest spectrum analyzer.  I have one but have never tried
it with Zigbee.  Some "recordings" of different types of non-802.11
Unfortunately.  No zigbee recordings.  The Wi-Spy device is not
terribly sensitive without an external antenna.  I threw together this
antenna, which helps, but is far from optimum:

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