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I've been tinkering with my WAP this evening trying to create a secure
passphrase and have found that some passphrases will not allow my Laptop to
connect to my WAP.

I have tried using different combinations of uppercase, lowercase,
punctuation marks, numbers etc and all works well.  But when I increase the
length and choose an even more complicated passphrase, my laptop gets stuck
at 'acquiring network address'.

How can this be?  Is there some sort of 'limit of complicated-ness'?  I have
definitely typed in the correct passphrase each time.



Re: WPA Passphrases

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I've used long & random passphrases successfully with WPA many
times. I've never heard of any limits other than it must be between
8 and 63 characters.

1) Are you certain you are typing in the correct key in the more
complex cases? I avoid that problem by creating the passphrase and
saving it in a text file on a flash drive or diskette. I can then
open the file and copy/paste it into the setup screen for both the
WAP and laptop with 100% accuracy.

2) Could be that there is some difference between the language or
keyboard type settings between the PC that you use to set the
passphrase on the WAP and the client laptop PC? The method
described in 1) above should avoid such a problem.

Re: WPA Passphrases

Frazer Jolly Goodfellow cried out

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On my linksys, after inputing a passphrase you must hit the
"generate" button to generate the acctual key then save your
changes, and copy/paste that into the network key fields in xp...

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