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Re: Wireless suggestions for a big house? Netgear R6300 router wins!
I finally have it up with its latest firmware in the same
location/place. Surprisingly, it worked better than my old Linksys
WRT54GL router's wireless even in the far away lowerlevel
family/living/den room. It's not perfect, but it worked and speeds were
decent. A few packet losses here and there, but not bad like the old
router. Even watching a 720p YouTube video seems to do well.  I even
tried closing doors to see if they affect the wireless signals. Still

However, it has to be on 2.4 Ghz and not 5 Ghz (didn't know you can have
both running at the same time -- now I know why it is called dual band).
5 Ghz wasn't strong enough for closer distance rooms too (worse than
Linksys WRT54 GL's!).

It doesn't look like the unopened Netgear's universal dual band wifi
range extender 4-port wifi adapter is needed now (will return it near
its 30 days return).

Also, nice GUI. All fancy now. Lots of features (no time to try them
too). I wonder how Linksys' newer routers are now. I used to use Netgear
RT311 that didn't have many features. I used use its telnet (preferred
over web GUI).
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