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I am a part time IT guy at a real estate company and i am still in
school for this stuff so bare with me here if you can.

I have a network that is growing and i have no more open ports on the
switches on the rack. I had the idea of installing a wireless access
point which is only going to be used for a few users that need access
to the domain, its files and printers. We also have a Netvanta 2504 VPN
Router that we use for our VoIP Phones from the different properties.
There are 3 open ports left on the back of the Netvanta. My question
really is can i hook up the wireless access point to the back of one of
those open ports on the netvanta? I just need the users to have
internet, domain login access, files on the server and printing access
and thats it. Is this going to work?

Re: Wireless Access Point Question

On 13 Jun 2006 22:19:24 -0700, Chris.Backer@gmail.com wrote in

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If you need more wired ports, just buy and cascade an inexpensive
network switch (or hub).

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Yes.  They will be bridged to the wired network, just as if they were
wired to it.  Just be careful to use robust encryption on your wireless
(WPA with strong passphrase) so that you're not opening your network up
to others as well.  See the wealth of information below.

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