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I have a home PC with a cable modem and Comcast Internet.  I want to
replace my PC with a laptop and have Internet service at home and away
from home in cafes, etc.

I haven't selected the laptop yet but I know it will need a wireless
card.  Beyond that, I'm unclear what additional hardware is needed.
This should be easy to find out but I don't think I have the whole

Can someone answer this or direct me to a written guide?  Any help

Re: wireless 101

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I would assume any new laptop would have some sort of built in wifi adapter
but double check and if it's not offered than you'll need to get them to add
it or purchase a pcmcia or usb wifi card.
The most widely used wireless networking equipment is 802.11b and 802.11g,
make sure your card supports these. There is also 802.11a and n but these
shouldn't really be important to you unless you have special purposes.

At home you will need to purchase a wireless router to connect to your cable
modem. I recommend any of the buffalo b/g routers or the WRT54G/L.
You need to connect a cat5e cable from the ethernet port of your modem to
the WAN port of your router.
The routers mentioned have both wireless and wired network ports, so if you
have any desktops, printers, network storage they can be plugged all while
the laptop is running wireless.
Don't forget to setup the security (WPA-PSK) and change the SSID of the
wireless so that people can't use your wireless for evil things.

I'm to tired to look up any good starter websites, (heck I'm only up doing
temp test on my new computer with various fan/air flow configurations with
the machine both idle and at 90% usage on cpu, gpu, hd and ram tests.)
but maybe someone else will. However this should give you a good idea of the
things you need to get started.. Any other questions just come back and ask.

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