Windows Live Messenger causing drop-outs

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First let me state for the record that I do not use or recommended this
stuff to anyone else.  Its just that I have two daughters who love it.  They
log on and chat to their friends and each other.  But every now and then,
and only when they are both chatting on MSN, the router dies.

Its a Netgear WGR614v5, Both the PCs are connected via ethernet cable, so
technically this isn't a wireless issue.  I'm generally in the other room
connected wirelessly via my notebook when the dropout happens, so maybe that
makes it a wireless issue after all.

I'm thinking that it something to do with IP addresses.  The incoming
traffic might only see one IP with two different account simultaneously.

Both PCs are running XP SP2, nothing special about the configuration.

I searched the archives for this group and there were a few issues regarding
MSN chta, but they seemed to be sepaarte issues.

We have absolutely no problem with a single user on MSN, its only when a
second user logs in on the same router and starts up MSN.

any ideas?

Re: Windows Live Messenger causing drop-outs

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I use chat, VoIP, remote video, and other forms of internet abuse
regularly.  It's actually very handy but also quite disruptive.

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It's a common problem, but usually associated with file sharing
programs such as Bitorrent.  What happens is that the the programs
open a large number of simultaneous streams in the router.  MSN chat
also uses UPnP which creates and breaks down open ports with each
connection.  The small routers have a limit to how many streams and
ports they can handle.  Run it long enough and it might hang.

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Nope.  NAT is very common and well known.  MSN chat can handle
multiple LAN side IP's through an NAT router if UPnP is enabled.  

Are you *SURE* they're both using different accounts/logins?

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This is a wireless group.  Your question is not a wireless problem,
except that you're using a wireless router.

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Yep... probably something wrong in the router firmware.

1.  Verify that you have the latest firmware in your router.
Be sure to reset the router after loading new firmware.
2.  Make sure UPnP is enabled in the router.
3.  Test the router for hangs using:
4.  Monitor the router status page with a 3rd computer to see if the
log files show anything useful.  Also check the Windoze "Event Viewer"
for any clues.
5.  Replace the router temporarily with a different model and see if
it helps.

Jeff Liebermann
150 Felker St #D
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Skype: JeffLiebermann     AE6KS    831-336-2558

Re: Windows Live Messenger causing drop-outs

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Thanks Jeff, your advice is much appreciated


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