WiFi setup for B&B - dup all AP's with same SSID ?

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WE just stayed at a B&B that had some WiFi setup...

It looks like there was a WRT54G somewhere,
but then they had a couple of Ubiquiti devices
attached to the ceiling areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors
of the old mansion we stayed at.

BUT - there was a problem -
On the 1st floor - I could get connected to the AP,
and get out to the Internet.
One the 2nd floor AP and the 3rd floor AP -
I could get connected to the WiFi,
but NOT get an IP address, and therefore nothing else.

So - sitting on the first floor, connected,
I brought up my WiFi Analyzer App -
and I could see all 3 WAP signals - all with the SAME SSID,
but on different non-overlap channels.

Not sure where the problem might be location....
For a situation where you have installed multiple WAP devices,
does it make sense to have them all use the same SSID,
and I'm hoping use only a single DHCP server in the main router ?

Wish I could have played a little with the devices,
but this was a quick couple of days relaxing during spring break.

Re: WiFi setup for B&B - dup all AP's with same SSID ?
On 3/31/2016 6:22 PM, ps56k wrote:
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It looks like this was all fine - just not working -
I could see each of the WAPs on my WiFi Analyzer App,
and they all had assigned IP addresses... so the ethernet must have been ok.
Just a techy mystery

ceiling mounted WAP -

and one of these for the back yard and coach house area -

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