wifi devices signal strength

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Some apps like airsnort and omnipeek are able to retrieve the signal
strengths of not only AP's, but also other wireless devices (laptops,
pda's, ...)

These applications claim to use adapted drivers to be able to query
for "advanced parameters".  You can download their adapted drivers for
your specific NIC for free.

While using these "adapted" drivers, i'm trying to find a way how to
query the driver for singal strengths from a .NET application.

Using PCAGizmo and OIDScope I tried to capture the oid queries
Omnipeek performs to get the received signal strengths from the
devices, however, during my analysis, I did not found any oid query
that fetched this data (after hours & hours of intensive research :( )

The thing is, I know the driver must have some sort of call/interface
method to retrieve this information.  Problem is, I do not know which
call this is.

Does anybody have an idea on how to figure out which native method
omnipeek or alike programs uses from the driver to fetch these
advanced parameters (like the signal strength of all devices)

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