Wep setup help - was working for a day, but now its not! DI-824VUP+

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Security:64/128/256-bit WEP, WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access(TKIP, MIC)
WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key)



Please can someone give me some help with this flaming router!

I have setup two pcs connected via cat5 to the router, which has DHCP
running.  The router connects to a blueyonder cable modem.  These work fine.

I am trying to get a Toshiba L10 802.11g laptop (XP home edition) to
talk wilrelessly to the router.  It works first time, every time when
there is no security enabled.
I enabled WEP 64bit and it worked for 1 day but has refused to work
since.  The laptop shows the 'default' wireless connection, says
connected, but then stays at 'aquiring network address' before saying
this connection might have limited or no functionality.  It doesnt seem
to matter whether I stop and start the router/pc, with wep it still
doesnt work.  I have created a default connectino on the laptop called
'default' as instructed by thte router manual, on that default
connection I have selected WEP 64bit, and put a 10 digit key in which is
1234567890.  It asked me whether the key is supplied automatically -
there is a tick box for this - I dont know whether it is or not?!  On
the router the wireless channel is set to 'channel 6', the security to
'wep' and the ssid to 'default', and the key to 1234567890.  There dont
appear to be any more choices on teh router.  In the advanced settings
on the laptop wireless adapter I have changed a 'channel' setting to 6
to match that entry on the router.

I dont know why it was working and has now stopped working. Cant be a
DHCP problem as it works fine without WEP.  What else to I have to do
with WEP to get it working?  8(

I have read elsewhere on this newsgroup that WEP is crap anyway.  Which
of the security choices above is the best to use for a single XP Home
laptop connecting to a wireless router?  Can anyone provide me with
instructions to set up this sort of security or a site on the internet
that explains it in detail for peabrains like me?  The DLink booklet
that came with the router and their site are about as useful as a
chocolate teapot.



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