Unable to connect wirelessely to my 802.11b netgear MR814 wifi router from windows xp lap...

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- I have MR814 wifi router. I have my desktop wired to this router and
it works fine. I used to connect my DELL laptop to this router through
netgear MA512 wifi adapter (PCI card).. Things were fine for couple
- Recently (07) I switched to a new DELL laptop (processor with
builtin wifi adapter 802.11 G/B).. I am able to see my SSID in
available networks with strongest signals, my laptop would always
connect to others non-encrypted 802.11 G/B wifi n/w.
- Also if I select my SSID from available networks it attemnpts to
connect but then connects to availble n/w..
- I have no MAC filterting, use router as DHCP server, no encryption..
- While my new laptop connects to other G/B networks will not connect
to my router at home..
- Also the Dell WLAN utility detects signal from my network but
windows wireless utility does not show my SSID in available wirelss n/
- Any thoughts..


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