Sprint signal booster for Franklin R850 mobile hotspot

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      I am using a Franklin R850 mobile hotspot, which works off a Sprint
cellular data signal, as my Internet connection provider.  Its WiFi output
strength is quite satisfactory, but the Sprint input signal is weak in my
neighborhood (seldom more than 1 bar), and the data download transfer
speed is seldom more than 2 Mbps (I can get 4 Mbps or more in a location
where Sprint has 4 bars).  Can anyone here recommend a booster device that
can amplify the Sprint data signal into the mobile hotspot?  I've asked
the manufacturer Franklin about this, but got no reply.  I also asked
Sprint about the problem; they tried tweaking something at the cell tower,
but that only made the situation worse (even slower data transfer).

                            --Donald Davis

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