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Popular Science just published an article from my friend Mike Outmesguine:

"The promise of Wi-Fi is freedom-the ability to bring your laptop or PDA
away from the anchor that is your desk and into your life. With most
wireless routers, however, your life had better stop at around 300 feet, and
forget about heading outside. Between the noise generated by other local
wireless devices and physical obstacles like furniture and walls, chances
are your Wi-Fi signal is little more than a whisper by the time it hits your
backyard. So I built a box that can pick up that signal and boost it another
200 to 300 feet."

Solar Powered WiFi Repeater Overview:

Solar Powered WiFi Repeater Details:

Frank Keeney

Re: Solar Powered WiFi Repeater

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Interesting theory, but unless you turn it off when you aren't using
it, or you get 10 peak solar hours per day, you are into a negative
power budget.  Also, you are using a large percentage cycle on your
7AH battery every day, so it's not going to last very long.

Double the solar panel and the battery and you might have something!

Re: Solar Powered WiFi Repeater

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In practice I've found this a problem that can often be easily overcome,
sometimes by location of the wireless access point, sometimes by means of
better antennas.  Do some war driving and you'll find lots of usable wireless
signals outside of homes.

John Navas     <

Re: Solar Powered WiFi Repeater

On Thu, 11 May 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup alt.internet.wireless, in article

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What is this thing "life" that he writes about?   Isn't that the part of
the day where I'm _not_ sitting in front of a computer?  (Sorry, I spend
over 9 hours a weekday and "some" additional time during weekends with
this stuff.  Me sitting around the pool, or puttering about in the
garden definitely does NOT involve the Internet.)

        Old guy

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