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I'm trying to setup a wireless router for my dad's office and I'm
running into a couple of hitches. Firstly, here's how the office
computers are setup:
- there is an Ethernet wire coming in from the ISP that links to the
computer termed as 'server' in my dad's office. This links to an
Ethernet card. (Note - I dont have a cable modem connection, but just
an ethernet cable from the ISP)
- to provide internet connectivity to the rest of the computers in the
office, I added another card in the 'server' computer and linked it
to a regular hub.
- other computers in the office are connected to this hub via a regular
wired connection.
- the server allows internet sharing for the other computers through a
program called CCproxy. Although the server is running Windows 2000
server, I am currently not using the Routing and Remote Access Services
(RRAS) to share the connection (there are some additional complications
- the IP configuration of the server is as:
(for the LAN card connecting to the ISP)
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:
(for the LAN card connecting to the wired hub)
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Now, I want to add a wireless router to this setup, so that I can
connect to the office network as well as share the internet connection
from the 'home' PC.

Q: Where in this mix do I place the wireless router? I would ideally
like to place it as an extension of the wired hub, and not inbetween
the ISP's wire and the server computer. Is this possible?

Q If so, what configuration does the router require? I want the end
result to be such that any wireless enabled computer can choose to get
an IP address dynamically and be connected to the same network as the
wired PCs. Even if I have to specify a fixed IP address for wireless
computers - that is acceptable. Anyhow, while configuring the
wireless router, I had just too many confusing options and adhocing
didn't cut it:
- should I choose static or dynamic IP address for the router?
- under the WAN section of the router configuration, what should the IP
address and Subnet Mask be? Am I right in guessing that the ISP Gateway
Address should be and Primary DNS Address   Secondary DNS
Address be, (this is how the card that is
connected to internet wire is setup on the 'server' computer)
- under the LAN section of the router configuration, it asks me for The
IP address and Subnet Mask of the DI-524. what should I specify here?
- I think I need to enable the router as a DHCP server, I specified a
range of 192 . 168 . 0 .  101 to .199

But all of this didn't work.

Q: No wireless networks are being detected by the wifi enabled laptop.
Shouldn't one be visible?

I think part of the problem is that the LAN card connecting the server
computer to the wired hub has an IP address of  . I would
prefer not to mess around with the default values on the server -
letting whatever works work... changing values on the wireless router
is perfectly fine.


Re: Setting up wireless networking / Internet connection sharing thru ethernet (not cable modem)

Why do you not want the router connected to the ISP incoming cable?

That way the router would be firewall, DHCP and DNS server and you have no
config problems with RRAS or anything else on the 2000 machine... you can
plug other machines into any wired ports on the router or plug in a switch /
hub and go from there in most cases. I think in the end this would work out
to be the simplest solution.

Personally I think trying to put the hub in front of the router is a
mistake, I don't know why, it just seems "Backwards" to me. Routers are not
indestructible but once set the firewalling aspects are easier to maintain
than a 2000 server trying to do the same job (IMHO of course).

See what the experts say but I'd seriously consider the start-over approach
to minimize fuss in the future.

Besides which it's the weekend and you didn't have anything better to do?


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Re: Setting up wireless networking / Internet connection sharing thru ethernet (not cable modem)

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I hope the wireless access point/router has a decent firewall built in.
....and you should definitely connect it to the cable/DSL modem, and then to
the Ethernet hub/switch, where the wired computers also connect. You don't
need ICS. It's a huge pain and not needed. The router itself can do DHCP and

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