Router's Wireless LED is Pegged

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he wireless LED on my AT&T/Pace 5031NV wireless gateway supplied wth
U-Verse has been pegged (blinking so fast it's half-lit) the last 24
hours or so even when there are no wireless devices connected or
attempting to connect.  The logs don't show anything abnormal except
for dropped unknown packets from random IP's all with the same MAC(?)
hitting my torrent client port (torrent client not running).

notice     Feb 24 12:06:26     
IN=br1 MAC=60:fe:20:9e:66:ec SRC= DST=99.129.nnn.nnn
LEN=129 TTL=112 PROTO=UDP DPT=56880 Drop Unknown Incoming Packet

notice     Feb 24 12:06:35     
IN=br1 MAC=60:fe:20:9e:66:ec SRC= DST=99.129.nnn.nnn
LEN=134 TTL=110 PROTO=UDP DPT=56880 Drop Unknown Incoming Packet

What would cause the wireless LED to be pegged like that and how do I
tell?  Usually it's only this active when a wireless client is
downloading something or hitting a large web page.

Possibly coincidently, my WRT54G configured as a wireless bridge on
another PC overheated a few hours after this started - it wouldn't
work until I left it off for half an hour or more (the LED activity on
the Pace gateway still persisted after the WRT54G was unplugged).


Re: Router's Wireless LED is Pegged

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This is just guesswork, but the activity should show up in the logs.
And just because the torrent client isn't running doesn't mean that
people aren't trying to connect to it.  I used torrent once, to download
chess endgame tables, and people were still trying to connect to my
client for about a week after I turned it off.

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You haven't said how your network was connected up, but it shouldn't
overheat even if it was running flat out.

Scott Hemphill
"This isn't flying.  This is falling, with style."  -- Buzz Lightyear

Re: Router's Wireless LED is Pegged
On Sun, 28 Feb 2016 18:37:46 -0500, Scott Hemphill wrote:

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But this is the *wireless* light/indicator.  The ethernet activity
light is blinking much slower and irregularly.  The wireless light is
blinking probably 60-80 times a second.

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The person who uses that computer/bridge likes to keep papers on top
of the WRT54G.  Wasn't a problem until I noticed all this wireless
activity.  I had problems with another WRT4G overheating as well.
Which is probably why there are instructions out there for making a
fan for it.

But back to the original problem...

OK, let me ask this:  Is the wireless LED on the gateway indicating
all the wireless traffic it hears, or just the wireless traffic on the
same channel, or just the traffic destined for its own SSID?  or some
other criteria...


Re: Router's Wireless LED is Pegged
"Sqwertz"  wrote

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Try reboot to clear torrent. Or if you wish, power down for ~24 hours and  
then reboot. Torrent does not like leaches. Until reboot your PC will live  
by Torrent rules. Even if you have moved a torrent download you will be  

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